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Shanklin A-26I - Doverco


Shanklin® A-26I

Automatic Intuitive L-Sealer Shrink Wrapper

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Up to 35 Packages/Minute

15" W x 21" L Seal Size

5.5" H x 20" L Max. Product


The Shanklin® compact, rugged and versatile Automatic Intuitive L-Sealers offer gentle product feed and straight line product flow and are ideal for handling a wide variety of products. They feature simple to control conveyor-fed automatic operation, plus the L-Seal design provides great flexibility and quick product change via the picture-based touchscreen. Each will accept randomly spaced product, fed either automatically or by hand.

Consistent Quality, Performance, and Reliability

  • Easy to Use. A picture-based touchscreen allows the operator to easily navigate the system controls and Settings while corrective action screens offer recommendations to optimize system operation.
  • Reliable. Equipped with programmable controllers for simplicity of wiring and ease of troubleshooting; facilitates easy machine set up and adjustment.
  • Flexible. Photoelectric sensor system automatically compensates for package length change; automatic film advance system allows light, flexible products to be fed through the machine with ease.
  • Corrective Action. Screens guide the operator through a fault by both defining the fault and supplying recommendations for recovery.
  • Secure. Features lock-outs and supervisor level logins to protect sensitive machine functions.

Technical Specifications

Seal Size

21" W x 33" L

Max. Product Height

7.5" standard
9.5" with optional 10" height kit

Min. Product Length

4" Standard
2.75" with optional closing conveyor

Max. Product Length


Conveyor Belt Width


Max. Film Width (Folded)


Max. Film Width (Flat)

42" with compact center folder

Conveyor Height

Adjustable 31.5" – 37.5" without casters / 35.5" - 41.5" with casters

Product Speeds

Up to 35 packages per minute (standard)

Tools and Expert Help

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