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Phoenix PLP-2100 - Doverco

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Phoenix PLP-2100

Low Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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45 Loads/Hour

4000 lbs Load Weight

52" x 52" Load Size


As part of the low profile family wrappers designed for use with pallet lift truck, the stretch wrapper PLP-2100 is excellent for the typical warehouse environment. It provides consistent, repeatable stretch wrapping performance. Its one touch operator start and the simplicity of changing film roll make the PLP-2100 easy to use for all employees. The PLP-2100 wraps even the toughest loads with very little stretch film.

Entry level prestretch pallet wrapper for the typical warehouse environment

Consistent, repeatable stretch wrapping performance.

Best in Class Flexibility c/w Keypad Control

  • 3 Wrapping Cycles: Wrap up, Wrap up/down, Top Cover Pause
  • Reinforce Wrap and Cycle pause capability
  • Variable speed control to match load stability

Easy Loading Powered Prestretch Film Carriage

  • Reduce film costs with 245% Prestretch (10" off the roll = 34" on load)
  • Phoenix “Clearview” door lets operator see carriage operating
  • Dual stage door lock with electrical interlock for operator safety

Larger Load Capacity than Competitive Models

  • 58" turntable diameter to wrap loads up to 52" x 52" (Load Diagonal)
  • Roller bearing turntable supports for 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Built-in fork tubes for easy transport from the front and back

Technical Specifications

Production Capacity

45 loads per hour

Maximum Load Weight

4000 lbs.

Maximum Load Size

52" x 52"

Frame Type

Low profile


5 Year warranty

Tools and Expert Help

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