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Sfera Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine - Doverco

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Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine

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150-180 Wraps/Charge

Quick Film Loading



The Sfera mobile pallet stretch wrapper is battery powered and self-guiding. Owing to the fact that the load stays on the floor this type of wrapper is ideal for unstable, heavy or oversize loads. The Sfera is easily stored out of the way when not in use, freeing up valuable space in the warehouse. Unique design for raising and lowering the film carriage. It operates in low headroom areas and possible to move through doorways without having to drop a traditional mast.

The Sfera mobile pallet wrapper wraps palletized loads in less than a minute…any size, shape or weight

The Sfera Robotic Wrapper saves 40 – 50% over hand wrapping and gets the job done faster.

  • 100 pre-set wrapping cycles
  • Adjustable pre-stretch with powered rollers...save 40–50% over hand wrapping
  • Compact size
  • Unique film carriage design
  • Front safety bumper system
  • Powered by two rechargeable gel batteries (150-180 wraps per charge)

Quick & Easy Film Loading

Powered rollers pre stretch the film before application, increasing the yield from a film roll and improving load containment (saves about 40 to 50% over hand wrapping)

Easy to Move & Store

On board controls allow the Sfera to be moved from place to place quickly and easily. If longer trips are required there are special lifting holes on both sides of the machine for a Fork Truck to lift the unit.

On Board Battery Charging

Charging of the batteries is achieved via an on board charger which is powered by a standard 13 amp plug. The Sfera uses AGM sealed batteries, favoured where power, weight, safety and reliability are paramount considerations. Approximately 200 pallets can be wrapped per 8 hour charge.

Tools and Expert Help

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