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Logix PakStrapper TP-601D1 - Doverco

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Logix PakStrapper

Automatic Strapping Machine

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29 cycles/minute

7 to 45 kg Tension

9 mm PP Strapping


The Logix PakStrapper TP-601D1 is an enhanced automatic strapping machine for PP strapping. It features high speed, efficient sealing and accurate tension to deliver professional strapping performance. With the value-added features, Logix PakStrapper TP-601D1 is the most powerful machine with the best price to performance ratio in its category for general applications.

Right tightness. Superior load stability.

Technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability

  • Strap end ejector to prepare for the next strapping coil
  • Cycle initiation by a foot pedal, start switch or photo eye switch
  • Lubrication free strapping head to minimize maintenance cost
  • CSA or equivalent special inspection certified for insurance compliance liability

Electronic Tension Control.
Easy Operation.

Strap tension can be adjusted accurately by a simple turn of the dial. Easy operation.

Auto Strap Feeding.
Easy Strap Loading.

Friendly design to feed the strap automatically from the inlet of strap feeding without the need to access to the inside of the machine.

Auto Strap Ejector.
Less Downtime.

Loop-ejector clears unwanted strap automatically if the machine is accidentally activated without a package.

Technical Specifications


29 cycles per minute

Strap Type

PP strapping

Strap Width

9 mm - 8" core

Tension Range

7 - 45 kg
*Up to 70 kg on request

Maximum Package Weight

100 kg

Maximum Product Height

546 mm (21.5 inches)

Table Height

810 mm (32 inches)

Arch W x H

850 x 600 mm

Electrical Requirements

110V 1-PHASE

Includes the following options

Emergency stop switch
4 PU casters (2 swivel and 2 with brake)


CSA or equivalent special inspection certified for insurance compliance liability

Tools and Expert Help

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