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AFM CH-100 - Doverco


AFM CH-100

Tamper Evident Band Applicator

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20 - 120 CPM Speed

24 hour operation



The CH -100 Tamper Evident Band applicator is an economy level shrink band applicator designed to apply tamper evident bands on a variety of containers. The perfect solution for industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty, consumer goods, chemical, and other manufactured goods.

The CH -100 is designed for low to moderate production

Simple design, low maintenance. The right choice.

  • Designed for 24 hour operation
  • Compact housing constructed from 304 grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum to provide strength
  • Engineered to handle round bottles made of plastic, glass, or metal to speeds of up to 120CPM
  • Product runs are programmed with a user-friendly touch-screen

Butterfly Mandrel

CH-100’s Butterfly Mandrel style applicator ensures accurate placement of shrink and tamper bands on a variety of containers.

Single Unwind System

The Single Unwind System with tension control ensures proper film alignment or accurate feeding and cutting.

Simple Conveyor Height Adjustment

Easy-to-use hand crank allows for ideal height adjustment on virtually any conveyor.

AFM CH-100

Accurate and consistent tamper band application

Technical Specifications


1 Phase 220V

Film Thickness

0.05mm - 0.07mm

Film Lay Flat

40mm - 150mm

Cut Length

20mm - 50mm

Machine Dimensions

1000mm (W) x 1130mm (L) x 1620-2000mm (H)
39.4" (W) x 44.5" (L) x 63.8" - 78.6" (H)


20 - 120CPM

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