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Instapak FoamWrap Express - Doverco


Instapak Foam Wrap™ Express

Foam Packaging System

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Superior Protection

Minimal Foam Usage

Customizable Programming


SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® FoamWrap™ Express is a compact, bench-mounted foam packaging machine that produces continuous foam-filled tubes (CFTs), which provide superior protection with minimal foam usage. Compact design, customizable programming, and just-in-time accumulation capability make our Instapak FoamWrap Express system a perfect fit for any size packaging operation.

SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® FoamWrap™ packaging machine produces continuous foam-filled tubes

Reduce dimensional weight and minimize packaging material

  • Flow controlled dispensing allows the system to produce foam filled tubes, ranging from 1" to 5" diameter
  • Perforations can be programmed to suit individual needs and applications
  • User friendly touch key control panel allows operators to pre-program up to 6 “recipe”combinations

Instapak® FoamWrap™ Express

Damage Reduction in an Efficient, Automated System

Technical Specifications

Weight (without material)

85 lbs

Overall Size (L × W × H)

24" × 15.5" × 38.5


200-240 VAC Dedicate Circuit, 50/60 Hz, 30 Amp, Single-Phase with equal voltage from each phase to ground

Receptacle Type



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