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Prism Wrap Labeler XP100 - Doverco

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Prism Wrap Labeler XP100

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Front Labeling

Multi-Panel Labeling

Full Wrap Labeling


The Nita XP100 All Servo Prism Wrap (Spin-In-Place) is the most technologically advanced label application system designed for precision orientation and application of clear and opaque labels to round bottles and other round containers. Servo and Pneumatic managed belts, a built-in orientation system (cameras and sensors) and stainless-steel gates control your containers and apply labels with marksman accuracy. Need to apply a perfect label every time to round bottles or other round containers? The XP Prism Wrap is for you.

XP100 Prism Wrap Labeling Applications

Labeler Type & Specifications

Machine Type

Prism Wrap (Spin-In-Place)

Labeling Applications

Front labeling, multi-panel labeling, full wrap labeling of round bottles and containers

Container Types

Labels round bottles, glass, plastic, paper, metal, cardboard, and most other surfaces


ONLY Servo Motors and also Servo Programmable Drives

100% Non-Proprietary Off-The-Shelf Electronics

Totally License-Free Windows IoT Enterprise Software

SCADA platform with Live O.E.E Reporting

10" PC Computer Screen

Front and Back Servo Labeling Precision to 1/32"

Rugged All 304 Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum SumoFrameā„¢

Intuitive Ultra-Fast Changeover Total-Replication Software System

Tip-To-Tip Memorized Ruled Adjustment Stations

Blistering 1570" Per Minute Application Speed

Self-Diagnosing Sentient Software

Internet Connectible

In-Screen Parts Ordering

Optional Anti-Corrosion Kits

IP65 Full Machine Wash Down Kits

Cognex Vision Systems for Label Verification and Rejection

Camera and Sensor Servo Orientation Modules

Full How-To Video Help Library

Variable Information Printing and Coding Options

Auto Label Calibration with Fixed Product Sensors

12" Standard OD Rolls. 16" and 18" Options

6" Standard Label Width. 9" and 12" Options


Tools and Expert Help

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