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Inkjet Printer 9029 - Doverco



Inkjet Printer 9029

Small Character Inkjet

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Medium | Low Speed

Up to 6000 Hours Coding

71 dpi Print Resolution


Between manufacturing and selling your products, you have more important things to worry about than ensuring the quality of your code. Engineered to bring you the innovation you deserve with the simplicity you require, the Markem-Imaje 9029 will facilitate daily operations and save you time!

Delivering quality codes through a smart and easy inkjet solution

Easy to set-up

Easy to set-up
The 9029 inkjet printer can be moved and installed according to your needs due to its’ robust IP55 stainless steel design.

Easy to create messages
Upload or quickly create your codes with the easy-to-use interface and USB connection.

Easy to Run
The online guide will allow you to manage your coder efficiently on your own.

Smart to operate

The M6’: A smart all-in-one ink circuit that runs for 6000 hours and can be changed in less than 6 minutes.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
Reduced additive consumption by 50%** thanks to a latest generation hydraulic system.

Smart consumable
No set-up required with its innovative cartridge system design.

Ready to print

Consistent quality print available in many fonts including logos.

Automatic cleaning system is done in no time at start-up… plug it in and start printing.

Wide application coverage with a variety of inks to adapt to your market needs.

Ideal for seasonal use… can be safely stored and start-up will remain perfect.

Print Features

Mono-jet printhead


G head (printing resolution)

71 dpi

Lines of print

Up to 4 lines of print

Print speed

Up to 4.4 m/s

Font height

From 5 to 24 dots

Character height

From 1.8 to 8.7 mm

Wide choice of characters

Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean and more.

Tools and Expert Help

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