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DynaRoller™ - Doverco




Powered Roller Conveyors

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Speed 20-300'/min.

Width: 2" - 10"

Max Parcel Weight :100 lbs/zone


The DynaRoller zone powered, zero pressure accumulation roller conveyor offers a patented system that is modular, safe and cost effective. Boxes, packages, trays, totes, parcels, crates and cartons of various sizes and shapes can now be conveyed using DynaRoller’s innovative motor driven roller conveyor design. Capabilities include zero pressure zone accumulation, precision sortation, and seamless 90 degree transfers. The DynaRoller zero pressure conveyor system is an excellent conveyance solution for packaging, manufacturing, logistics and other light and medium duty parcel and unit handling applications


Flat Conveyors

Inline powered roller conveyors offer maximum throughput coupled with omnidirectional transfers for products up to 40″ long and 100lbs.

Incline & Decline Conveyors

Inclining and declining, powered roller conveyors bring packages and parcels to different elevations allowing for an optimized use of floor space.

Radius Conveyors

Radius turn, zone powered roller conveyors help you meet the most demanding system layouts.

Technical Specifications

Standard Widths

13", 17", 21", 25", 29", 33"

Module Length

2' - 10'

Zone Length

6" - 48"

Max Parcel Weight

100 Lbs/Zone

Top Roller Height

6" - 120"


20 - 300' Per Minute


  • Anodized Aluminum With Leveling Pads
  • Ceiling Support Option

Box/Parcel Size

  • Lengths 6" - 40"
  • Width 6" - 32"


  • Centers: 1.5", 2.2", 3.0", 4.3"
  • Diameter: 2"


Anodized Aluminum Side Channels


Flat, Incline, Decline, Radius Turn


48V Brushless DC


Up To 3600 Sorts/Hr

Tools and Expert Help

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