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Logix EXC-133SD - Doverco



Logix EXC-133SD

Semi-Automatic Manual Case Sealer

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Belt Speed 23 meters/min.

Uniform Cartons

Top & Bottom Seal


The Logix EXC-133SD is a semi-automatic uniform tape carton sealer. The EXC-133SD is a top of the line machine, designed to suit a variety of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. It features easy tape changeover, top and bottom seal and an infeed/outfeed roller table.

Technical Specifications

Tape Width

50 mm (2") as standard
36 mm (1.5") as option
75 mm (3”) as option

Tape Leg Length

50 mm tape: 50 ± 5 mm
75 mm tape: 60 ± 5 mm

Tape Core Diameter

76.2 mm

Tape Outer Diameter

356 mm (14")

Belt Speed

23 meter/min

Carton Range

(Max.) L: unlimited W: 500 mm H: 500 mm
(Min.) L: 120 mm W: 110 mm H: 120 mm

Carton Weight

0.5 kg - 30 kg

Power Consumption

450 W

Noise Emission

60 dB

Ambient Temp.

5 °C - 40°C

Working Height

600 - 800 mm (adjustable)
Option with flexible conveyor

Machine Size

Length: 1389 mm (with outfeed roller table)
Width: 941 mm (with hand crank)
Height: 1303 mm (with hand crank)

Machine Weight

151 kg

Tools and Expert Help

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