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Unwrapper - Doverco

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Unwrapper Polypack

Automatically remove shrink film from corrugated trays

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35 packs/minute

Belt-to-belt transfer

Self-monitoring diagnostics


The Polypack Unwrapper machine is a new-to-market, automatic unpackaging solution designed to help copackers and producers automate their lines and avoid common occupational safety hazards incurred when workers unwrap bundles by hand with open blades. Upon exiting the Polypack Unwrapper machine, product is film-free and ready for the next step in the multi packing process.

Key Features of Unwrapper Polypack

  • Intermittent or Continuous Motion
  • Belt-to-belt transfer
  • Fully inline layout with small footprint
  • Self-monitoring diagnostics
  • Designed to reduce risk
  • Increase line speed and productivity
Pack of 6 cans wrapped in plastic
Pack of 6 cans unwrapped

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