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Polypack Wraparound - Doverco

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Polypack Wraparound

Corrugated cardboard case packing system

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50 packs/minute

30% source reduction

Multi-layer packaging


The Polypack Wraparound series of case packing machines for corrugated applications are available in intermittent or continuous motion designs and a wide range of speeds. Reducing packaging material and therefore material costs, the Polypack Wraparound series of case packers provides an excellent corrugated case alternative to regular slotted containers (RSC).

Key Features of Polypack Wraparound

  • Reduces the amount of corrugated cardboard used (by decreasing the lengths of the overlaps)
  • Maintains both product and case integrity during distribution
  • Significantly reduces material costs
  • Increased stacking strength
  • Multi-layer packaging capability
  • Self-Monitoring Diagnostics
  • Builds wraparound cases or trays
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