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Polypack FIL/FIL-NT - Doverco

Rhythm classes overrides

Polypack Fil/Fil-NT

Forming head, inline total closure packaging solutions

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15 feet/minute

Total closure overwrap

Rectangular or round product


The Polypack FIL/FIL-NT packaging machines are fast, efficient total closure bagging and shrink wrap packaging systems for rectangular or round product profiles. The Polypack FIL model incorporates a shrink tunnel while the Polypack FIL-NT, a bagger, has no tunnel.

Key Features of Polypack Fil/Fil-NT

  • Intermittent or Continuous Motion
  • Lug Infeed; Belt Conveyor
  • Total Closure Overwrap
  • Rectangular or Round Product Profiles
  • Shrink Wrapper (FIL) or Bagger (FIL-NT)
  • Single-roll LDPE or POF
  • Option for Printed Film
  • Horizontal or Vertical Seal Bar
  • Option for Dual or Triple Seal Bar
Packed bags
Packed item
Packed bottles
Packed flat item
Packed circular item

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