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Material Handling - Doverco

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Increase Your Warehouse & Delivery Efficiency

Discover Labor-Saving Material Handling Equipment

Minimize Damage

Reduce Injuries

Increase Productivity

Discover our full range of labour-saving material handling equipment

Stair Climbing Hand Trucks

Lift heavy loads up and down stairs. Ensure smooth and effortless delivery.

The Magliner and Logix family of aluminum powered stair climbing hand trucks are designed to safely assist with moving loads up to 725 lbs. up and down stairs.

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Liftplus® Stacker

Move heavy loads from the floor onto shelving or working position

Increase productivity and reduce job-related injuries with this all-in-one stacker, transporter, and positioner. Minimizes bending and stretching. Narrow footprint fits through most doorways and tight spaces; no fork truck required. Provides variable height work surface. Up to 350 lb. lifting capacity (120 lb. on high-speed models).

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Powered Hand Trucks

Keep your productivity moving forward. Move one or several loads at once

Perfect to move up to 1,000 lbs. on a flat surface, including commercial equipment, cylinders, barrels or any special product.

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Powered U-Boat Carts

Move heavy and bulky loads safely

The Powered U-Boat cart increases efficiency and reduces the time and energy needed to transport up to 1,000 lbs. over long distances or inclines.

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Magline Customized Hand Trucks

Design the perfect hand truck for your application

Over 4,000,000 possible configurations. In stock and ready to build for you!

Design your Own Magliner

Can you move your products faster, better and smarter?

  • Could you widen your available labor pool with customized, ergonomic equipment?
  • Could you avoid injuries by having the right material handling equipment?
  • Could you minimize product damage in your supply chain?
  • Could you reduce labour cost?

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