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What kind of products can be wrapped with an orbital wrapper?

Orbital Wrappers Typical Applications

Furniture and Cabinets



Metal Products

Our orbital wrappers are a versatile packaging machine that can wrap a wide range of products, including:

  1. Large and irregularly shaped items: Our orbital stretch wrappers are capable of wrapping large, bulky, or irregularly shaped items that may not fit on a standard pallet. These can include furniture, appliances, machinery parts, windows, doors, cabinets, or other similar products. The machine can accommodate the dimensions and shape of the item, ensuring it is properly secured and protected.
  2. Long and Linear Products: Products that are long, linear, or elongated, such as pipes, tubes, bars, rods, or rolls of material, can be effectively wrapped using our orbital wrapping machines. The machine wraps the stretch film around the length of the product, providing stability and protection during transportation or storage.
  3. Bulk or Unitized Products: Our orbital stretch wrapping systems can handle bulk or unitized products that are stacked or grouped together. These can include beverages, canned goods, building materials, consumer goods, or any other products that are packaged in larger quantities and need to be wrapped as a single unit.

These advantages make orbital stretch wrappers a valuable investment for businesses seeking to optimize their packaging operations and protect their products during transportation and storage.