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FasFil Jet - Doverco


Fasfil® Jet

Paper Void Fill System

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Improve Efficiency

Optimal Protection

Fast and Easy-to-use


When your business requires small, low fragility voids at a speed that keeps pace with your dynamic operation, the FasFil® Jet is up to the challenge. This system delivers 30-inch paper to fill the largest voids while keeping up with the most demanding environments.

Fast and Easy Void Fill Paper Packaging

Improve Efficiency and Performance

Sealed Air’s innovative FasFil® Jet paper void fill system is the perfect solution for high-volume, in-line operations with oversized voids. The system is designed with a large paper capacity that is easy to load and operate.

Faster and Easier

The simple footswitch operation and digital length control delivers continuous, customized lengths. The Cut and Hold function continuously produce paper output to keep up with the pace of the packer.

More Choices For Better Results

The FasFil® Jet system is engineered to quickly produce and cut paper void fill in both manual and programmed length modes. The FasFil® Jet system runs multiple weights of 30-inch fanfold paper. It offers an optional refuel cart for easy reloading of paper and maximum operational efficiencies.

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