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Doverco's Lean improvements

Magliner assembly area

Magliner parts ready for assembly
Magliner assembly area

We love Magliner material handling products at Doverco! They are the global leaders in handling solutions for beverage, case and parcel distribution specializing in robust, innovative products with safety and productivity at the top of the benefits list. One of the wonderful attributes of the line is that the end product can be an assembly of different components for specific applications. At Doverco, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers all of the options with a very quick turnaround.

So what’s the issue?...How to deliver on the promise!

We have dozens of components and lots of fastening hardware, a work table and tools. And, most importantly, we had the wind of a ‘Lean’ mentality in our sails. After several iterations and input from the men in our warehouse who do the assembly, we have overhauled everything on how we handle orders. Using a flow process, we build one at a time. We have a rotating jig to hold the nose-plate. All necessary tools are placed at arm’s length in a die cut foam tray; the drills are color coded by size. All fasteners are also placed strategically nearby in color coded bins. Components have been moved to nearby locations, the most commonplace ones just a couple of steps away. We improved the lighting as well and shelf/product identification. We are constantly tweaking the process and the set-up to gain efficiency. Everybody has been educated on the process. We no longer wait for a specialist to build the order items!

We have more than tripled our capacity; same tools, same fasteners, same people. The Lean journey is being embraced and proven results serve to further stimulate and engage our people.

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