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A simple guide to choosing the right stretch film

Generally, there are three kinds of palette profiles.

Boxes that make up pallets in the A-profile are stacked up in one big block looking like the perfect cube. There are no protrusions and has a clean shape. This allows it to be the simplest load to wrap. Cast film is the recommended product to use in this case since it is simple to use and gets these jobs done with ease.


B-profile pallets contain various sized boxes therefore has a higher likelihood of the film being punctured. Cast film is still the best option but a thicker and better-engineered application of stretch film is recommended.


C-profile is the most irregularly shaped profile since it contains many corners and sharp edges making it the most likely for punctures. In this case it is best to use blown film since the threading orientation of the material is from both sides. This makes it resistant to perforations and stretches better in both length and width.

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