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The Birthplace of my Fascination with Lean Philosopy

I recently received a newsletter from Plasticband (high quality orbital stretch wrappers manufactured in Spain whose line Doverco represents in Canada) sharing with us the launch of their renovated and expanded facotry and offices. I wish there were more pictures, but they appear to have had some kind of reception in celebration of this evolution.


I first visited their factory just outside Barcelona in 2014 and was blown away by the orderliness and ‘lean’ culture being implemented in every aspect of their business. I took several pictures, spoke to several team members and came back home set on implementing a similar culture of constant improvement and attention to detail. They were three years into their ‘reboot’ at the time and at Doverco we are now three years into ours. It has been stimulating, fun and challenging but I can say that we have a widepsread undersatnding and visible signs of great progress througout our organization.


The pictures will give you an idea of what things look like at Plasticband today; a high attention to detail, everything on the floor marked according to where it is to be placed, color coded bins parts, etc.

But is not only about the physical space, its about what happens ‘between the ears’. Read their team spirit 10 principles. That is really the culture part. Any ideas out there??

Kaizen Training Room

A room to develop your packaging project with you, a space ready for the continuous improvement.


Team spirit

1. Reject fixed ideas.

2. Think about how to do it instead of why it cannot be done.

3. Do not make excuses. Start by questioning current practices.

4. Do not seek perfection; do it right away even if you achieve 40% of the target only.

5. Correct the mistake immediately.

6. Do not spend money, use your common sense.

7. Find ideas in the difficulties.

8. Ask “Why?” five times and solve the last cause.

9. Find the 10 people experience instead of the geniality of just one.

10. Improvement is infinite.


Mark Dover

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