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HexcelWrap™ to the rescue!


One of Canada’s largest online retailers contacted us to see if we could help them with a problem. This retailer was receiving too many returns owing to breakage. They were wrapping their fragile items (wine glasses, mugs, plates, candles, etc.) with bubble wrap but this did not provide enough cushioning or prevent the items from shifting in the boxes during transport and breaking.

At Doverco we were very excited about HexcelWrap™ that we recently added to our product line. HexcelWrap™ is an innovative new product for wrapping and voidfill that interlocks without taping. This product is specifically designed for any retailer who ships either from their DC or directly from their stores.

We placed dispensers and rolls of HexcelWrap™ at three e-Commerce pack stations that handle breakable items for a trial and it did not take long for them to call us back with positive feedback and to order the product. Aside from proving better cushioning and wrapping fragile items more securely than Bubble Wrap, the items nest into each other creating an ideal situation whereby they do not shift inside the box.

Another benefit to them was the fact that one pallet of HexcelWrap™ (40 rolls) is equal to 70 bundles of Bubble Wrap in this particular application. The space savings in their DC is enormous. Being an environmentally conscious organization, they were equally pleased that HexcelWrap™ is 100% recyclable and made with FSC certified paper.

HexcelWrap™ is the most protective, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly wrapping system for all of your shipping needs! For added protection, HexcelWrap™ Pro can be easily formed into any shape for custom void fill.

Perfect for glassware, stemware, ceramics, china, porcelain, bottles, jars, electronics, jewelry, fine art, wine, collectables, cosmetics, virtually anything! Watch the HexcelWrap™ video to see exactly how this product can work for you!

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