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What we’ve been up to this summer

We’ve had a couple of new additions to the Doverco family throughout the summer. There have been four new hires since June all with their special tasks to make sure customers get the best service and allow the company to grow. To make them feel more welcome, we organized a lunch to get the chance to know them a little better.

We believe our strengths come from relationships and it all starts with our team. Building a strong bond between coworkers makes a difference in the quality of the service customers receive from us. It also increases the quality of workday experience and on the long term it will bring continued growth.

As you can see in the back wall of our cafeteria, we have core values that define who we are. One of them is to enjoy each day. This is done by creating a positive work environment by going the extra mile and communicating with respect and consideration. Another quality we place a lot of importance on is behaving ethically. We believe this creates harmony and pride in the company. Treating all stakeholders, such as staff, vendors, and customers with the highest ethical standards is something we place importance on. We are more than happy to have these new team members on board who share these same core values that already exist within our organization.

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