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Unique Customers, Unique Solutions

Yes, Unique Customers, Unique Solutions is what Doverco is all about. When a very large producer of apple sauce wanted to replace their aging Phoenix Rotary Ring Wrapper PRRA-4000 with a new one our technical representative went to have a look at their existing set-up. At Doverco we don’t just sell you machinery, we also endeavor to find ways for our clients to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our representative observed that this company was using breathable stretch film because the applesauce was still warm during the wrapping process.

Fit for Life and Work!

Fit for Life and Work is the theme our company has adopted for this quarter. The idea is to promote a healthy lifestyle and the challenge to all team members is built around physical activity.

HexcelWrap™ to the rescue!

One of Canada’s largest online retailers contacted us to see if we could help them with a problem. This retailer was receiving too many returns owing to breakage. They were wrapping their fragile items (wine glasses, mugs, plates, candles, etc.) with bubble wrap but this did not provide enough cushioning or prevent the items from shifting in the boxes during transport and breaking.


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