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Korrvu Lunch & Learn

Last week our Vendor partner Sealed Air hosted a lunch and learn session for our Sales, Marketing and Purchasing Departments on Korrvu® and Bubble Wrap® IB. As we endeavor to understand our customers’ day-to-day packaging challenges and find better ways to provide unique solutions we were eager to learn from the experts!

Are you frustrated with having to lift and move heavy products at work?

Don’t just rely on the muscles in your back to do the heavy lifting as you may find yourself in pain and out of commission for quite some time. If you need to lift heavy loads from the floor onto shelving or into a working position the best thing for you to do is to let the innovative Magliner LiftPlus® system do the lifting for you.

The LiftPlus® is innovation at its best! It’s a versatile all-in-one system that lifts plus so much more… Stack, Lift, Shift, Raise, Lower, Pull, Tow, Carry, Position, or Roll. With its’ narrow footprint you can easily fit through doorways and tight spaces.

Make-shift recording studio using moving pads

At Doverco aside from selling furniture pads to the moving and transport industries we use these same pads to soundproof or our in-house recording studio and they work like a charm! It’s no wonder we find that many musicians and singers are buying these pads for sound proofing also. It is definitely an effective and cheaper solution for certain smaller studios. When you hang moving pads on the walls they will absorb the sound waves and reduce echoing as well as other audio distortions.


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