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Message from our President

If you are reading this, then you have some interest in our company. And, I am glad to welcome you into our ‘home away from home’. It is a reality for most of us in the working world to spend more waking time in the office and in pursuit of our work goals than in any other place. We give that a lot of thought at Doverco and without surrendering to clichés, have spent time to figure out what we are about and how we can deliver value to customers.

Most importantly, our daily actions are guided by our core values, E4 Excellence. Read about them and whether you are a customer, vendor, prospect or a Doverco team member, you will see that we ‘walk the talk’. We have devoted lots of space on our site to display the value proposition. However, I take particular pride in letting you know that the greatest value we deliver is relationships. It is reflected in the long-term careers built by so many people at Doverco. Moreover, we are the creative force of all of our fine people, all dedicated to passionately serving customers.

Whether you benefit by our CAP initiative, our e-Commerce fulfillment knowledge, need packaging machinery, are putting together an entire production line, or purchase supplies that enhance your operational efficiency, we look for ways to create and maintain valid mutually rewarding connections. Let us partner with you to understand your challenges and find ways that enhance your productivity and simplify your life. We know that today’s environment is demanding for most of us in business and we strive to earn your trust. Discover how companies just like yours have benefited by working with our team.

We have great resources that reflect the accumulated knowledge and experience of 60 years in business. Let’s get together and we’ll demonstrate how simple procurement can be!

Please call 1.800.363.0697 or e-mail me at if there's ever anything I can do to help you out.

Thank you for visiting!

Mark Dover, President

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